Hail Damage Solutions B.V.

Why choose HDS?

  • Quality and customer service are our top priority
  • We are working with the calculation systems and hourly rates related to the involving country, so no surprises afterwards
  • We can offer a solution for virtually every part of the hail process
  • You can only make a good first impression once
  • Our HDS Damage Portal: one specifically for the hail industry developed software system, from which we can fully support you, equipped with among others a planning and management information module
  • An excellent aftercare

Therefore HDS is the right partner with a quality and capacity potential in the Netherlands and abroad to:

  • Create an excellent reputation among customers and clients
  • Generate serious turnover opportunities
  • By using highly skilled PDR specialists , HDS realizes a higher repair quote coupled to a higher quality in a shorter timeframe
  • Which results in long-term earning more money for each party involved (also insurance companies)

HDS is there for you, now and for the future!