Hail Damage Solutions B.V.

The companies core business is calculating and the repair of by hail damaged cars in cooperation with body shops and dealerships in Western Europe, with a possible extension to the rest of the world in the near future.

European market
For the european market we offer a variety of services, such as the organization and structure of temporary hail centers and the settlement of hail damages from A / Z by order of body shops, dealerships and insurance companies.

H.D.S. is an entirely Dutch company, founded by Frank Verhoeven, Rene Wilmink and Joop van der Sanden. Together they have over 50 years experience in conventional- and hail damage repair worldwide.

  • Joop van der Sanden has been active in car body repair since 1999 as a receptionist / calculator / branch manager at various companies. Since 2012 working as an account manager in the world hail damage repair, with extensive experience in worldwide creating, organize and complete settlement of hail projects from 10 to 5,000 damaged cars. Also Audatex and Exchange certified.

  • Frank Verhoeven was more than 10 years working as preparer / car painter in conventional car body repair before he started working as hail damage specialist in 1998. Frank has worldwide experience in medium to large projects for dealerships, body shops and car manufacturers. He also is specialized in recuperating and reconditioning of paint work.

  • Rene Wilmink has been working as a park dent and hail damage specialist since 1998 in the Netherlands and abroad. Rene has been frequently employed on large hail calamities of car manufacturers all over the world. Also Rene is specialized in recuperating and reconditioning of paint work.

The goal of H.D.S.
To be a stable partner for body shops and dealerships in the Netherlands and abroad through delivering a good quality, with a healthy discount for the client and a fair compensation for the P.D.R. specialist. Due to this compensation we can ensure a higher quality. In the past, Frank, Rene and Joop have proved, in various projects in the Netherlands and abroad, to be a reliable partner for body shops and dealerships and to the satisfaction of insurance companies.